Argh! Pax! Emotions!

tl;dr; Making a game is a huge roller coaster of emotions.

Jim and I got to Seattle a few days before we were scheduled to show off our game at PAX. Our plan was to see the Space Needle and Pike Place Market and have a mini vacation. Instead, we discovered a couple of panic-inducing bugs at 10:00pm, the night before our flight. So we spent most of our time at a Panera (not even a cool local coffee shop) working on the game and HOPING that it would be fixed in time. It was not fun...

We eventually did get it fixed in time and PAX was great. What was even better was a wonderful email that we got today from someone that played our game. A brief excerpt: "I love what you've done and I cannot wait to play it this fall. PLEASE keep me posted on the progress and the release. I'm already missing it"

That someone would, days later, take the time to sit down and write an email to us about something we made that they saw at an enormous expo, is just incredible. It makes all the other days worth it.